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The brief

With the opening of EAST, Miami in Q4 2015, Swire Hotels now wishes to have a brand site to sit with the property sites that can help to present EAST, with a consistent and refreshing approach, as a group of hotels rather than individual properties, introduce the locations, and present the brand to leisure travellers as well as business travellers.

Swire Hotels also wishes to develop a new look and feel for the EAST property websites (Beijing, Hong Kong & Miami): With the Beijing and Hong Kong properties having firmly established themselves in the business hotel market, Swire has an opportunity to also position these properties as lifestyle destinations as well as business hotels.

Main objectives

Define the end-to-end experience for their key audiences (prospective consumers, existing customers, and press)

Help users make an emotional connection to the brand and each of its hotels

Create a lifetime customer journey to attract new customers and have them engage with the brand on an ongoing basis

Apply an exciting new site structure alongside a more contemporary feel in line with the refreshed brand image for their digital space

The solution

We worked closely with the EAST brand and Swire Hotels team to create a global digital presence for EAST. Following a rapid user-centred design process we iterated designs to ensure the structure and design were fully optimised and inspiring.

We began by immersing ourselves in everything EAST. We spent time at the existing hotels, ran workshops with key stakeholders and reviewed their analytics. One of the key research findings was that customers loved the calmness of the exsisting hotels, and the attention to detail the brand as a whole offered.

We worked collaboratively with senior property stakeholders to define, and get agreement on:

  • The end-to-end customer journey from acquisition through to retention
  • An in-depth digital strategy and roadmap
  • How to structure the organisation to support the ongoing success of their digital channels

Basing ourselves on-site, we ran a series of design workshops to collaboratively sketch out optimal user journeys and designs. We started with a wide range of ideas – simply drawn with pencil and paper – which we refined into a small number of design directions.

We then went into the detailed design, running a number of rounds of user testing with participants across the globe. This validated our design direction and secured a truly best-in-class experience.

My role

During this projects life-cycle, my role was to develop ideas, provide insight on the market environment and trends, consumer needs and digital design trends. All the while ensuring that the users were at the forefront of the solution by eradicating pain points, making sure the users have an enjoyable and informative experience.

Techniques, tools, and process used during this project:



Content analysis

Information Architecture


Journey Maps


Wireframe development

Interaction Design

Creative direction

Usability testing

Desktop 'east Beijing' homepage
Desktop 'east Beijing' homepage
Desktop Menu open detial
Desktop Menu open detial
Desktop 'east Miami' homepage
Desktop 'east Miami' homepage
Desktop 'Restaurants & Bars' landing page
Desktop 'Restaurants & Bars' landing page
Desktop ' Room' detail page
Desktop ' Room' detail page
Desktop ' Room' detail page - scrolled
Desktop ' Room' detail page - scrolled