Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Luxury residential property complex - responsive website

The brief

The Repulse Bay is seeking to revamp its website to enhance the guest experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to its residents and business, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal.

To design and build a new website to boost the corporate image of The Repulse Bay as the best residential complex on the south side of the Island, highlighting the location, history and natural beauty of our environment.

Main objectives

  1. Give a completely new look & feel to The Repulse Bay site
  2. Comprise a clear site structure and information architecture
  3. Improve the presentation of information and enhance visitors’ brand perception
  4. Work closely with the client to understand the business needs
  5. Develop a clear content structure and tone of voice to emphasise the new direction the brand was taking
  6. Highlight the variety of offerings within the complex and highlight their service excellence
  7. Provide easier access to important information for current residents, potential buyers and visitors to the complex
  8. To create a user-friendly, effective and flexible marketing tool for the client to introduce, promote and cross-sell its offerings.

The solution

Working closely with The Repulse Bay team, to collaboratively deliver a new strategy and design for their online offering. We kicked off with a series of workshops with The Repulse Bay stakeholders, to understand the details of their business and technical requirements.

We then worked through a user-centred design process, holding regular feedback and design workshops to validate our design decisions and iron out important details in line with customer and business needs.

The outcome was to develop a unique and visually appealing solution that not only emphasised The Repulse Bay, its beautiful geographic location but also allowed the users to feel engaged, excited and informed when interacting with this responsive web solution.

My role

My role for this project was to oversee the entire ideation and creative strategy. I was also responsible for research, ideation, prototyping and liaising with the client directly – providing insight into the market and the solutions available. Dealing directly with developers and team members to produce the best product possible.

Techniques, tools, and process used during this project:



Content analysis

Information Architecture


Wireframe development

Interaction Design

Creative direction